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Home Design Services

Work with Us on a Residential Home Design

Imagine being able to be proud of your home. You could even have the home on the block that everyone else talks about because it’s different. Whether you want something rustic, modern, or simply unique, Distinctive Architecture can provide it to you. It’s all about exploring the various home design services that are available.


You have big decisions that need to be made. Do you want a residential home design that allows you to create your dream home from nothing? You can start with a blank slate and help to design every aspect of your home. You can also choose to work with your existing home and incorporate a family home design that works best for you and the other members of your family.


It’s all about deciding where you want to live. It might be easier to build onto what you already have. If you’re in the market for a home but don’t like what you see, then it might be easier to have a residential home design created on an empty lot.


Distinctive Architecture was created by me, Bill Waddell, to make sure that homeowners get what they want. We’ll work together on the various home design services to make sure that every aspect delivers the form and function that you want.


I’m here to make sure that you get the home that you want in terms of beauty and how it works for you. If you want more room in your kitchen, a more open floor plan in the living area, and spacious closets for your kids, I can make that happen.


Every aspect of the family home design is personalized to fit you and your budget. You can choose the materials that are used, the design elements that are incorporated, and so much more. This is the kind of power that you get when you work with an architect that you won’t get simply by shopping for the homes that are available on the market.


You can review recent work to see if there’s anything that catches your eye. You can also bring as many photos as you want to the drawing board to show more about what it is that you like. Then, we’ll work to create the home you’ve always wanted, delivering stunning curb appeal and functionality customized to fit your lifestyle.


Home designs are all about the individual. It can be artistic, eco-friendly, and as unique as

you are. In order to get started, review the custom homes on my web site that I’ve designed,

along with additions and whole house remodels. You may also want to look at my plan

book to start exploring some of the pre-designed home plans that I’ve already created. Then, contact me to start discussing the build or renovation projects that you want to implement for your home.

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