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Home Remodeling

Get Your Dream Home with Home Remodeling in North Carolina

Your dream home may be closer to becoming a reality than you might think. You may

simply need to work with an architect for some home remodeling in North Carolina to

make it happen. Through Distinctive Architecture, you will have an architect who

will sit down to discuss the designs that can be achieved based on the existing framework.


Consider what you don’t like about your home, either from the interior or the exterior. You

can make a list of every design that doesn’t suit you, every function that you wish you had,

and more. From there, it will be possible to explore how these things can be remedied

provided through home remodeling.


The time it takes for a home renovation is dependent on all that you’re having done. It all

starts with meeting me, Bill Waddell. We’ll talk about all that you want done. I’ll design a solution for you to approve. From there, I’ll work be your advocate with the construction contractors to make it happen.


You can take advantage of home remodeling in all areas of your home. This includes the

kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, outdoor areas, and more. You may be surprised by what

a home renovation can do for the overall enjoyment of your home.


Even if you have a limited budget, there may be a number of architectural services that you

can take advantage of.


Home remodeling in North Carolina is all about you. Our aim is to make sure that you have

a functional home that you truly love. If you are tired of dealing with form and function

that doesn’t work for you, a renovation can be the best solution for you.


You get to control every aspect of the home remodeled. Are you looking for a farmhouse

kitchen? A contemporary living room? A modern master bath? Do you want eco-friendly

materials used throughout? We’ll help you consider all of these details prior to designing the remodel. This way, you can make sure that the designs are best suited for you and your lifestyle.


Too many people are trying to find their dream home already existing in the for sale

home market. The reality is that you may never find it. There are a number of homes

that have a” sameness” about them. Additionally, homes on the market were built based on

someone else’s dream home. The likelihood of you finding a home that has the same

qualities that someone else wanted is highly unlikely. This is why it’s important to focus

on home remodeling – so that you can specify what it is that you want.


Call today to schedule your consultation and discuss how to get the designs that you have

always wanted.

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