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The 16 x 24 footprint of this 384 square foot, 1 bath studio home works wonderfully as a free-standing Tiny House house or as an accessory dwelling unit. It can be built in a single module in a factory, or fully site-built if desired. The arrangement of the space provides an unusually large feel in a remarkably small size. 9 foot level ceilings and thoughtfully placed windows provide bright, light-filled spaces

384 SF Tiny House Studio ADU

  • Drawing set includes a foundation plan, floor plan(s) with framing information, exterior elevations, building sections, interior elevations, construction details, electrical/lighting layouts and specifications. While the plans will indicate suggested locations for supply and return air grills, neither heating and air conditioning, nor plumbing design information is provided. It is common for the related subcontractor to provide the detailed design and any engineering required for these trades.

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